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The Cammack Buffalo Ranch is operating in the 5th generation and is located in Stoneville, South Dakota. John manages the ranch with his Uncle Lane. His Dad, Mike, lives in Alaska acting as the not-so-silent partner. John and Melanie’s built in work force include: Jayda 22 and Rachel 21 who are on their own but come home to help as needed. Taber is a Senior and Shanni is 8th grade. We bought our first 22 buffalo in 1999 and have slowly built our herds to 750 cows.  We DNA test our herds to help us in selecting the best possible replacement heifers and breeding bulls. The Bulls go through additional performance tests so we can evaluate their feed efficiencies on 100 percent grass and then a feed test to ensure long-term production on the ranch.

These are a few of our Herd Sires. We are Plains only to the best of our knowledge

Animal Care

All calves are vaccinated with Virashield6VL5, PresponseHM, Vison7.  All animals get parasite/wormer control yearly.


At weaning calves are fed free choice grass hay with DDG pellets and soyhull pellets. Spring and summer they are run on strictly pasture.

In the fall breeding bull prospects are brought in, weighed, vaccinated and fed grass hay with DDG pellets and soy hull pellets.

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